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A Reliable partner you can Trust

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A Reliable partner you can Trust

Philadelphia Tech Support Provides Cost-Effective and Reliable Managed AWS Solutions For Businesses in Philadelphia and Across Eastern Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Tech Support provides cost-effective and reliable managed AWS solution services to large and small businesses throughout the Philadelphia Area and in Eastern Pennsylvania. 

Businesses rely on our support team to provide them with cost-effective and reliable managed AWS Services. Philadelphia Tech Support has a team of certified AWS engineers who will work with you to design, implement, and support your AWS infrastructure. You can be sure that any problems you have with AWS will be quickly and efficiently resolved.

Philadelphia Tech Support’s Managed AWS Solution Service Includes: 

      •  AWS Infrastructure Design and   Implementation
      •   AWS Managed Service
      •   AWS Backup and Disaster Recovery
      •   AWS Security and Compliance
      •   Monitoring and Technical Support
Wireless Network Installation Service
Let Philadelphia Tech Support provide you with cost-effective and reliable managed AWS solutions service and your business will gain the following:
Looking For Fast Support?
A Managed AWS Solutions Program is Tailored to Your Business

Philadelphia Tech Support is determined to offer a tailor-made solution that is customized to fit the specific needs of different types of businesses. With our managed AWS solutions service, we ensure that you can rely on our experts to help you set up and manage your AWS infrastructure so that you can focus on running your business and avoid any costly downtime.


The AWS cloud can be a stressful place for business owners. It’s hard to know where to start, what services to use, or how to keep your data safe. With our Managed AWS Solutions Service from Philadelphia Tech Support, we can work with you to create a tailored program that meets your specific needs. Our team of certified AWS experts can help you get started with AWS, set up your online presence, and provide ongoing support so you can focus on what you do best – running your business!

Managed AWS Solutions Service from Philadelphia Tech Support will resolve the following challenges:
Small Businesses have These Key Issues with Managed IT Services, specifically regarding Managed AWS Solutions as well as general IT Services:
Over the years of providing Managed IT Services and Network Support Services for a wide range of clients, we have received several complaints from our clients regarding their previous service providers. These clients have all had different issues, but some complaints were more common than others.
Common Customer Complaints Surrounding IT Services (Including Cloud Services):

Many clients have faced issues with pesky hourly fees. Independent contractors may charge you their reasonable hourly rate; however, their living depends on their service hours. So, their goal is always to bill you as much as possible.


Clients have faced reliability difficulties and scheduling challenges with independent service providers.

Lack of Expertise

Local independent service providers may not have a specialized expert with sufficient skills to tackle the specific challenge you’re facing.

At Philadelphia Tech Support, we are proud to be a communication-driven and transparent service provider.  We are focused on providing value-driven services and a detailed pricing structure to our customers. We believe that these are important in order for us to provide the highest quality of service for our clients and at the same time meet their expectations and needs.


IT Consultant
Most Of The Time, Local Service Contractor (Computer Guy) agreements for support including AWS Solutions Usually Fail For The Following
Trusted IT Support Company
Managed Services Agreements which include AWS Solution Management Don't Usually Fail for the Same Reasons.
Is Philadelphia Tech Support the best Managed IT Service Provider for your Managed AWS Solution Services?

With the number of tech services and managed email service providers, it is difficult to say that we’re the best service provider for your IT needs. We can reliably offer comprehensive Managed AWS Solution Services that are tailored to meet your specific needs. Philadelphia Tech Support always strives to be a highly competitive high-end service provider. We always provide a distinct value proposition across all of our services, which is why numerous businesses depend on our service.

You can always rely on us for top-notch tech support! Our skilled and experienced IT professionals are responsible for managing your AWS infrastructure. You can rely on our experts to set up your AWS correctly. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that our team is equipped and competent when problems arise.

If you’re ready to take the next step, there is no obligation:
Ready to inquire for AWS services with Philadelphia Tech Support? We’ve got you covered!

Managed AWS Solution Service is your solution! Contact us today for a consultation by filling out the information below. Let Philadelphia Tech Support take care of your IT needs!

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    Proactive Monitoring agents for each Desktop/Laptop and Server.

    Complete IT Technology Outsourcing Service

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    In short, no, not all managed IT service providers offer software programming services.  Many large managed IT service providers have a more robust set of service and performance capabilities, and on account of this robust service capacity, larger managed service companies have in-house capabilities to provide software services.  In the case of our company, our business is built onto an application-driven website, and this is an initial showcase of our software capabilities.  The options are endless.

    Why Should an Enterprise Level Business or Large Organization Trust Philadelphia Tech Support to Perform IT Services?

    We are enterprise grade. Philadelphia Tech Support is essentially an enterprise level business.  We run and operate in the same fashion as any other enterprise level business.  We have internal employees, processes, standard operating procedures and client satisfaction requirements.


    Manpower equals specialized services.  You can trust Philadelphia Tech Support with your enterprise level IT support because we have the staff to support enterprise level organizations with the appropriate support, adequate customer service, and flexibility to accommodate change in client demands.

    We have an established business model.  Our business model is unique.  We have a sophisticated service delivery model, pricing models that enable our business to maintain operational stability, but not hurt client organizations.  Our internal service dispatch processes and customer satisfaction requirements are detail-oriented..

    Philadelphia Tech Support is a smaller local company, but directly attached to the parent company Race Computer Services Philadelphia Tech Support is also affiliated with several other IT support organizations, such as Pop Quiz Computers as well as others.


    When evaluated independently, Philadelphia Tech support is a smaller operation, but when evaluated from a capability point of view, Philadelphia Tech Support retains the service level of a national service provider with a dedicated service desk, dispatching capabilities, extensive onsite support, and customer support services on par with any national IT services firm.

    Most IT service providers have limitations with service delivery capability.  In one-man or two-man tech shops, corporate businesses with a large degree of IT Support needs  may find a local service provider less than adequate.  Philadelphia Tech Support resolves these service delivery limitations with a full team and scalable service offerings.

    Our tech team collectively has more than 150 years of combined experience, and their skill sets encompass every area of small business and enterprise grade IT support services.

    Philadelphia Tech Support typically supports client businesses generating 2 million dollars per year or more in revenue, with respectable profit margins.  While we don’t provide specific minimums for new clients, we feel that our services would provide an advantage for most small businesses, but businesses with 2 million in revenue or more may experience an additional value for our services.  We prefer to work with clients we can help.  This enables us to develop a long term relationship with our clients, and it helps us keep a win-win relationship with our clients.  We help them, and they help us!

    We don’t always require a monthly service plan for all of our services, however, most businesses do need ongoing support service related to IT.  Many small business owners are not aware of the need for technology maintenance and proactive services.  Sometimes it’s because businesses are operating on very thin margins.  


    Technology systems are complex, and businesses are also complex.  We need to utilize as much information in business and technology to create a happy medium between price and value.  This is the secret mix that enables us to grow our business, AND support your business effectively and reliably.


    In order for us to develop enough revenue to support our business and grow our business, we do need clients who value IT.  Additionally, we need to make sure that our clients have the ability to grow and scale their businesses.  This puts our business in a place where we can grow with our clients.

    Client Testimonials
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