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A Reliable partner you can Trust

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A Reliable partner you can Trust

Philadelphia Tech Support Provides IT Project Delivery Services in Philadelphia County Throughout Eastern Pennsylvania

Businesses and organizations in Philadelphia County can take advantage of our IT project delivery services. These services encompass everything from IT consulting to project management and more. If you need help with anything related to information technology, we can assist you.


Our team of IT experts has a wealth of experience in delivering projects successfully. We have worked with all sorts of businesses, from small startups to large enterprises. No matter what your IT needs are, we can help you achieve your goals.


Philadelphia Tech Support has a long history of providing project management services to businesses in Philadelphia County. Our project managers are highly experienced and certified IT consultants who can direct an IT project from the design phase, through important milestones and to a successful delivery upon completion. We have a proven track record of delivering successful projects on time and on budget.

Wireless Network Installation Service
Our IT Project Delivery Services Can Include:
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A Project Management Service Tailored to YOUR Business:

We understand that every business is different. That’s why we offer a customized project delivery service that is tailored to your specific needs and goals. We will work with you to understand your requirements and develop a solution that meets your objectives.

Our number one priority is to deliver your project on time and on budget. One of the first steps is to develop a project timeline with the assigned project manager. This ensures that all project stakeholders are aware of the project scope and that it aligns with your business goals. Team members with the appropriate skill sets are chosen and regular project status updates will be given throughout the design process and implementation phase to confirm the entire project moves forward. Rest assured that you are in good hands with Philadelphia Tech Support.

IT Project Delivery Service from Philadelphia Tech Support will Resolve theFollowing Business Challenges:
Small Businesses have These Key Issues with Service Providers, Specifically Regarding Project Delivery Services and IT Consulting
We've heard plenty of complaints regarding previous tech support services over the years of providing project delivery and IT consulting for a variety of clients. In many situations, it isn't the service providers' fault. Client dissatisfaction is frequently due to the one-man service shop or two-person tech support business model. Unless they have only a few customers, firms with this sort of arrangement can't produce and scale an operationally mature service model.
The Most Common Issues Are:

A freelancer IT service provider is really just one or two people running around trying to keep all their customers happy and things will inevitably fall through the cracks.


Small businesses are frequently nickel-and-dimed for every little support request. They charge hourly rates for support and add-on travel time, project management fees, tools costs, and other ancillary services. It all adds up quickly

Lack of expertise

A lack of investment in employee development and training means that the technical staff is often inexperienced. They may be knowledgeable in one or two areas, but lack the breadth of skills required to solve complex problems.

In the case of independent IT contractors, many of these technicians take as much work as they can possibly get. They may not have a specialized technical category of focus, they become a Jack-of-All-Tech-Trades and a Master of None. The result is- it may take significantly longer to fix the same type of issue that a specialized technician would.


IT Consultant
Most Of The Time, Local Service Contractor (Computer Guy) agreements for For Project Delivery Services Services Usually Fail For The Following
Trusted IT Support Company
Managed Service Agreements in Conjunction with Project Delivery Services Don’t Usually Fail for the Same Reasons:
Is Philadelphia Tech Support the Best Project Delivery Service Provider for Your IT Project in the Philadelphia Area?

It’s difficult to claim that we are The Best IT Project Delivery Service Provider when there are so many tech services providers in the market. With our IT project delivery services, (and all of our services) we aim to be a top-tier, competitive service provider by offering value-driven and client focused solutions. Because of this, many organizations in southern Pennsylvania rely on our services.


Furthermore, we are a part of an established, trusted, and nationally recognized IT service and project delivery provider. Our technical services are designed to comply with industry standards while still providing outstanding service. When all elements are considered, we aim to provide top-tier service by combining a one-of-a-kind total value offer. Through our partnerships with Microsoft and Google, we can offer all types of technical assistance.


When evaluating price, response time, dependability, knowledge across the board, efficiency and effectiveness, you’ll note that we are quite cost-effective. Our project team has experience in all areas where a small to medium-sized business may count on a partner for project delivery services.

If you’re ready to take the next step, there is no obligation:
If You’re Ready to Take the Next Step, There is No Obligation

Contact us. Tell us more about your company and what you’re searching for. Based on your information, we can show you how our IT project delivery services can benefit your business. Feel free to fill out the contact form or call the main number. We’ll be able to give you a quote promptly.

    Additional Managed Services Philadelphia Tech Support Provides
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    Proactive Monitoring agents for each Desktop/Laptop and Server.

    Complete IT Technology Outsourcing Service

    Proactive Monitoring agents for each Desktop/Laptop and Server.

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    IT Project Management Services

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    Managed Data Storage Services

    Proactive Monitoring agents for each Desktop/Laptop and Server.

    Managed IT Services for Small Businesses

    Proactive Monitoring agents for each Desktop/Laptop and Server.

    Managed IT Services Pricing

    Proactive Monitoring agents for each Desktop/Laptop and Server.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Philadelphia Tech Support has the internal technical capabilities, processes, procedures and service requirements needed to effectively set-up a secure business network.  Our cyber security services cover a wide range of different industries, service types, regulatory challenges and other details – but in the end they are all cybersecurity tasks.  If you’re interested in inquiring regarding a specific cybersecurity project or service, please let us know and we can discuss your project in more detail.

    Most IT service providers have limitations with service delivery capability.  In one-man or two-man tech shops, businesses may find a local service provider less than adequate if corporate businesses have a large degree of IT support needs.  Philadelphia Tech Support resolves these service delivery limitations with a full team and scalable service offerings.

    Our tech team collectively has more than 150 years of combined experience.  Combined, we have the skills to provide service in every area any small business or enterprise business must rely on for professional-grade IT support services.

    Philadelphia Tech Support typically supports client businesses generating 2 million dollars per year or more in revenue, with respectable profit margins.  While we don’t provide specific minimums for new clients, we feel that our services would provide an advantage for most small businesses, but businesses with 2 million in revenue or more may experience an additional value for our services.  We prefer to work with clients we can help.  This enables us to develop a long term relationship with our clients, and it helps us keep a win-win relationship with our clients.  We help them, and they help us!

    We don’t always require a monthly service plan for all of our services, however, most businesses do need ongoing support service related to IT.  Many small business owners are not aware of the need for technology maintenance and proactive services.  Sometimes it’s because businesses are operating on very thin margins.  


    Technology systems are complex, and businesses are also complex.  We need to utilize as much information in business and technology to create a happy medium between price and value.  This is the secret mix that enables us to grow our business, AND support your business effectively and reliably.


    In order for us to develop enough revenue to support our business and grow our business, we do need clients who value IT.  Additionally, we need to make sure that our clients have the ability to grow and scale their businesses.  This puts our business in a place where we can grow with our clients.

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